The Wax Girl
The Wax Girl is a Canadian Post-Rock project founded by Toronto-based producer and composer Alex Wright in 2012.
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  • Recording Diary, Day 17 - Day 21

    I’ve been working incessantly on an arrangement for Beyond the Stars. Originally, I wrote all the layers using strings patches, then switched to a much less traditional sound by using a synth patch that I created in Reason. It’s now sounding more in line with what I had in mind, which is always very satisfying.

    A few other ideas have come to fruition in the last few days, as well.

    I’m tempted to spend some time to do some rough mixes of everything I’ve recorded so far, just to get a better sense of where everything is at.

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    Entrance to Lethe Vallis

    Something you’ll never forget.

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  • Recording Diary, Day 11 - Day 16

    As wonderful as things might seem since I began updating this recording diary for my debut album, the honest truth is that I’m struggling underneath the surface.

    But I’m ok with that.

    I’ve come to the realization that I’d rather starve as a composer than to go back to that depressing cycle of working a dreadful nine-to-five job, just to keep myself fed so I can continue to do the same unsatisfying work the next day. I’ll spare the feeling of a boss micromanaging my every move, putting pressure on me, causing me to stare at the ceiling in bed at night, wondering…

    Why am I doing this?

    If I’m going to lose sleep, I’d rather it be because I am consumed with writing new music.

    As a result of my desire to release an album within the next year, I may be on the verge of learning the true meaning of sacrifice. At least I know that I’ll be left with a sense of purpose, which to me, is extremely rewarding.


  • Recording Diary, Day 8 - Day 10

    Two more pieces are coming along; January Girl and Thousand-Yard Stare. The latter is shaping up to be the closing piece, which eases my mind, knowing that the album is starting to take shape with solid bookends.

    Along with the steady progress of the album, my running is improving and I can feel that my lungs are getting stronger. This week I’m going to attempt longer distances to see how my body responds.

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  • Recording Diary, Day 7

    More tracking today for a new song that I’m tentatively calling Who Controls the Past.

    An afternoon run by the waterfront helped me realize that I have a long way to go. Pace is key.

    Total: 3 km
    Temperature: 5°C
    Sunny and Windy

  • Recording Diary, Day 6

    Today I tracked parts for a new piece, which for now, doesn’t have a title. I’ll refer to it as 'No Name 1'.

    I’ve experienced some chills on playback. It has a sad feel and builds to a denouement of reverb-soaked ebows droning in harmony with a subharmonic bass.

    Although I’m happy with how everything is sounding, I need to get some distance from my work. Toronto weather has been cold (-1°C), but it’s supposed to warm up tomorrow so I plan to go for a 5km Harbourfront run. My aim is to run a marathon in October, so working towards that should help keep my mind clear.

  • Recording Diary, Day 1 - Day 5

    Been focusing on three songs to begin the recording process.

    1. Fallout - Simple, quiet, dark, but beautiful. Drumless.

    2. Nuclear Winter - Atmospheric, wintery, with mechanical drums for a backdrop.

    3. Beyond the Stars - Slowly evolves into a climax. Already thinking this has the potential to be the album opener.

    The basic elements of each piece are in place, so I’m thinking of moving on and coming back to them later on. I’m afraid of over-working them as they’re still very fresh and raw.

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  • “You should think about nobody and go your own way, not on a course marked out for you by people holding mugs of water and bottles of iodine in case you fall and cut yourself so that they can pick you up - even if you want to stay where you are - and get you moving again.” 
    ― Alan Sillitoe, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

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